SON OF SHAFT Is A Complicated Man & No One Understands Him But His Dad & Great Uncle

Who’s the black private dick that’s the son of the nephew to the sex machine to all the chicks? Jessie T. Usher. Damn right.

Usher will rock the swagger and the leather jacket as the latest incarnation of Shaft. The actor will play the son of Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft from John Singleton’s 2000 pic, who in-turn was the nephew of Richard Roundtree’s complicated ’70s man. Reports state that Jackson and Roundtree will return to risk their necks for their brother man.

Usher will play an FBI cat that won’t cop out even when there’s danger all about. He then teams with his estranged father (Jackson) to bring down some bad guys. This cat Shaft is a bad mother… I should shut my mouth, even though I’m talking about Shaft. John Shaft

Son of Shaft starts shooting soon, with Tim Story directs.

Can ya dig it?

Source: Deadline