Samuel L. Jackson’s BIG GAME: Air Force One For The Obama Administration


Some movies sell themselves on the concept alone. Big Game is one of those films.

Samuel L. Jackson stars as the President of the United States who crash-lands into a Finnish forest where he meets a young boy called Oskari (Onni Tommila) who is out to prove himself as a hunter. Together they must try to evade an assassination attempt on the president.

It’s like Air Force One for the Obama administration.

I hope Jalmari Helander’s film hits the mark – there’s nothing worse than a great set-up that’s wasted in a mediocre movie. This looks like it might just deliver the goods and become a cult favourite.

Say what you want about Samuel L. Jackson but the man sure likes to mix it up. Oh, and he also looks great for his age.

Big Game hits on 8 May 2015.