Petition To Reinstate The Original Ending To Renny Harlin’s DEEP BLUE SEA

Movies In Focus isn’t one for online petitions – but it has been brought to my attention that there’s a petition to get the original ending of Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea reinstated for some sort of release by Warner Bros. Cheers to Travis Hernandez for the heads-up. 

A first-rate killer shark movie from director Renny Harlin, Deep Blue Sea grossed $75 million in the US and $164 globally (from a $60 million budget) following its release on 28 July 1999. It sees a group of scientists searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. They’re using mako sharks for their tests, but when the sharks become intelligent, the scientists become their prey. 

The mighty Thomas Jane makes for a tremendous lead and while the plot may be silly, it’s damn good fun. The rest of the cast is also loaded (and very eclectic): Saffron Burrows, Samuel L. Jackson, Stellan Skarsgård, Michael Rapaport and LL Cool

The film’s original ending was changed after test screening audiences were unhappy that Saffron Burrows’s Dr Susan McCallister swam off into the sunset with Thomas Jane and LL Cool J. Audiences booed – and apparently someone shouted ‘Kill The Bitch’ during one screening. Last-minute reshoots were done and her character is killed during the film’s finale.

Started by Quincy Henderson in 2019, the petition has even come to the attention of Deep Blue Sea’s star and director. Thomas Jane has promoted the petition on his Instagram account (see below_ and Renny Harlin has also made a financial contribution towards it. 

I’ve already signed the petition – so let’s see if we can see what was originally in-store for audiences 25 years years ago when Deep Blue Sea was first released by Warner Brothers. 

Sign the Deep Blue Sea Petition


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