Remembering André Øvreda’s THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE Starring Brian Cox & Emile Hirsch

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a wonderfully atmospheric horror film that sees father and son morticians (Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch) carrying out an autopsy on the corpse of an unknown young woman (Olwen Kelly). The corpse seems mysteriously pristine and things start to go bump in the night as the duo’s autopsy progresses.

Director André Øvreda (Troll Hunter/Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark) shows a mastery of tone in this 2016 chiller, creating tension with flare over the course of a tight 86 minutes. The film might be set in one location, but it’s visually arresting, while Cox and Hirsch really sell their predicament. Special mention must also go to Olwen Kelly, who delivers a great performance by dong very little as the titular Jane Doe. 

Given a limited release in the US, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe grossed $10,474, however the film went on to bank $6,170,043 worldwide.