DVD Review: Learn Another 26 Ways To Die In THE ABCs OF DEATH 2


Anthology sequel The ABCs Of Death 2 ups the comedy quota from the original ABCs of Death and lowers the amount of horror. However you can rest assured that things are kept incredibly bloody. Like the first film, this features 26 short films based on a letter of the alphabet which corresponds to a particular mode of death. Movies like this walk a fine line in trying to keep the quality high and having 26 different writers and directors means that the standard and tone shifts quite dramatically. It’s easy to give thumbs up on an individual effort but you need to look at the whole package to give a comprehensive critique.

The Best
A is for Amateur (E. L. Katz), B is for Badger (Julian Barratt), C is for Capital Punishment (Julian Gilbey), F is for Falling (Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado), G is for Grandad (Jim Hosking), K is for Knell (Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper), L is for Legacy (Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen), M is for Masticate (Robert Boocheck), N is for Nexus (Larry Fessenden), Q is for Questionnaire (Rodney Ascher), R is for Roulette (Marven Kren), S is for Split (Juan Martinez Moreno), T is for Torture Porn (Jen and Sylvia Soska), U is for Utopia (Vincenzo Natali), V is for Vacation (Jerome Sable), W is for Wish (Steven Kostanski), X is for Xylophone (Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo),

The Worst
D is for Deloused (Robert Morgan (animator)), D is for Deloused (Robert Morgan), E is for Equilibrium (Alejandro Brugués), H is for Head Games (Bill Plympton), I is for Invincible (Erik Matti), J is for Jesus (Dennison Ramalho), O is for Ochlocracy (mob rule) (Hajime Ohata), P is for P-P-P-P SCARY! (Todd Rohal),Y is for Youth (Soichi Umezawa), Z is for Zygote (Chris Nash)

The ABCs Of Death 2 has more hits than misses but it’s an uneven movie and at times it feels like a lot of directors are on auto-pilot. It’s a decent anthology film but it could have been better – maybe next time producers Ant Timpson and Tim League will have a more rigorous vetting process.