brian cox

Uncovering Curiosities: Jon Cassar’s FORSAKEN

If you’re looking for a straightforward western with a great cast then Forsaken is the movie for you. Kiefer Sutherland joins forces with his father Donald for the first time (they never shared a screen in Joel Schumacher’s A Time To Kill), [...]

February 14, 2021

Notebook Reviews: MAD ABOUT MAMBO

John Forte – 2000 Mad About Mambo is a hugely entertaining Irish film from writer-director John Forte, which (for a change) doesn’t revolve around politics and violence. Not only is Mad About Mambo a great Irish film, but it’s a [...]

February 13, 2021

DVD Review: Zombie Western EXIT HUMANITY

There has been a massive resurrection in the zombie movie over the last several years – the genre is at breaking point, straining under the weight of the undead. However, John Geddes’ Exit Humanity takes the zombie formula and mixes it with [...]

June 26, 2012