Podcast Episode 50: Writer/Director Francis Galluppi On The Brilliant THE LAST STOP IN YUMA COUNTY

Sometimes a movie will come along and subvert expectations – and Francis Galluppi’s brilliant feature film debut, The Last Stop In Yuma County is one of the movies. The set-up is that a travelling salesman is caught up with a pair of bank robbers in a remote diner – we’ve all seen that type of thriller a dozen times before but Galluppi takes things in many surprising directions. The last act is filled with tense kinetic energy and it’s easy to see why Galluppi has been tapped to follow in Sam Raimi’s shoes and direct the next Evil Dead film. 

Francis Galluppi, the writer and director of The Last Stop In Yuma County joins this bite-sized episode of the podcast to talk about the film. He goes into detail on writing the fresh and original thriller, its excellent cast and great music.

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