Podcast – Episode 13: Filmmaker Filip Jan Rymsza On His Psychological Thriller MOSQUITO STATE

Filip Jan Rymsza is a Polish filmmaker who has had a varied career in the business. In 2018 he helped spearhead the completion of The Other Side of the Wind, the final film from director Orson Welles, as well as producing Morgan Neville’s They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, a documentary which detailed the making of Welles’ film. Filip’s latest release is Mosquito State, a thriller which he produced, directed and co-wrote. 

A clinically precise piece of filmmaking, Mosquito State is a psychological thriller that verges towards Cronenbergian body horror. Rymsza’s film is more than that though, it uses the 2007 financial crisis as a stepping-off point and manages to create a piece which takes place in the recent past but feels like it could be set a hundred years in the future. Read the Movies In Focus review.

Filip Jan Rymsza joined the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about the film, discussing the inception, casting and production of this mesmerising piece of cinema.

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