Podcast – Episode 21: Director Andrew Baird Discusses The Thriller ONE WAY & Working With Colson ’Machine Gun Kelly’ Baker

Irish filmmaker Andrew Baird joins the Movies In Focus podcast to talk with Niall Browne about his new film One Way.

A character based thriller which stars Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly), Kevin Bacon and Travis Fimmel, One Way is a piece which mainly takes place in one location – onboard a bus.

Considering its limited scope, One Way is a film which is directed with a tremendous amount of flair and energy – and it must be given credit for featuring a strong performance by rapper-turned actor Coulson Baker.

During the course of the conversation, Baird talks about how the thriller came together, its various location changes, the difficulties of making a low budget film  – as well as what it was like working with his leading man.

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