Podcast Episode 49: Stefon Bristol On Directing Sci-Fi Thriller BREATHE & Its A-List Cast

As its title suggests, Stefon Bristol’s Breathe is a claustrophobic and tense film that will leave you gasping for air. A prescient science fiction piece, Breathe is set in the near future where the earth has a depleted oxygen supply. A small family eke out an existence, but when strangers arrive at their doorstep paranoia seeps into their lives. Are these new arrivals friends or foes?

Bristol’s film comes with a stacked cast – Jennifer Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Quvenzhané Wallis, Common, and Sam Worthington – and they all bring added gravitas to proceedings. Wallis in particular delivers an impressive turn as the film’s central character.  

Stefon Bristol joins this episode of the podcast to talk about making Breathe, its powerhouse cast and he also drops some details on his upcoming Indiana Jones-style collaboration with Spike Lee.

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