DVD Review: Diane Keaton And Morgan Freeman Live 5 Flights Up In RUTH AND ALEX

3 out of 5 stars


Sometimes all you need is a nice little movie to pass a couple of hours. Ruth And Alex (also known as 5 Flights Up) is the perfect way to spend an enjoyable evening in the company of Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton. Richard Loncraine’s movie won’t blow your mind but it’s a fun and well meaning comedy with great performances from old pros Freeman and Keaton.

Ruth and Alex (Keaton and Freeman) are an ageing couple living in Brooklyn who have just put their apartment on the market with the chance of netting a $1 million price tag. They must navigate through a hectic few of days as the couple attempt to find a new home as the clock ticks in the countdown for their future.

A movie that embraces New York City, Ruth And Alex is a movie in the Woody Allen vein. The emotional stakes aren’t too high and there’s little drama on display but that’s no bad thing. The biggest obstacles in the plot involve a sick cat, a peripheral news story on a would-be terrorist and the fear that our titular couple may not land the hoped for $1 million booty. Ruth And Alex might not have worked with a lesser cast and both Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton fully deliver in their roles. It may not be the strongest script they’ve ever had but they’re both great as the couple who have seen many ups and downs over their 40 year relationship.

Ruth And Alex may not have any other intensions other than to entertain, but that’s fine with me. Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton are both strong and the whole endeavour is very enjoyable. Richard Loncraine’s comedy is a relaxing piece of entertainment that’s perfect for a lazy evening or afternoon in front of the television.


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