Tom Cruise’s High Flying Bird

Tom Cruise took to the skies once again in 2017’s American Made. The Doug Liman directed film is an energetic drama which charts the true life tale of pilot turned drug/gun runner, Barry Seal.  Cruise shows us why he’s one of the greatest movie stars of all-time, anchoring the movie with dramatics and comedy. It’s also got a strong supporting cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Caleb Landry Jones, and Jesse Plemons

The Cruise in American Made  doesn’t feel like the same man who has been making big budget action films over the last decade or so – this is back to the Tom Cruise who made Rain Man, Cocktail, Vanilla Sky and Jerry Maguire. It reminds us that underneath all the stunts and action, he’s a brilliant actor. 

There’s a bit too much going on throughput Liman’s film to make it all hit home with the required gravitas, but this is an entertaining ride which once shows that the truth is always greater than fiction.

Budgeted at $50 million, American Made was a modest success when it was released, grossing $51.3 million at the US box office and $134.8 million globally. 

Tom Cruise and Doug Liman had previously worked toughener on 2014’s Edge Of Tomorrow (aka Live. Die. Repeat) and the pair are currently developing a movie that Cruise plans to shoot in space with the help of Elon Musk’s Space X and NASA.