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Notebook Reviews: HIGH FIDELITY

Stephen Frears – 2000. Stephen Frears‘ adaptation of Nick Hornby‘s novel, High Fidelity hits all the right notes. The John Cusack starring rom-com features a killer soundtrack and the story works on just about every level (the [...]

September 25, 2021

Bruce Springsteen’s Cinema

The mighty Bruce Springsteen is an American legend. He’s sort of like the musical equivalent of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, a strong presence who delivers a quintessential view of the United States. Springsteen has always been a huge [...]

February 8, 2021

Bruce Springsteen’s THE MIDDLE

On a superficial level Bruce Springsteen‘s Jeep advert, The Middle might be intended to sell you an automobile – but it’s much more than that. It’s a piece intended to reunite a broken United States of America.  The advert [...]

February 8, 2021

If Jesus Was A Sheriff And I Was The Priest…

If I Was the Priest was one of the songs that helped Bruce Springsteen score a record deal with CBS Records (now Columbia/Sony Records) back in 1972. It was in the set of the songs that Springsteen played for CBS record producer John Hammond during [...]

November 25, 2020

Official Trailer For Bruce Springsteen’s LETTER TO YOU

The mighty Bruce Springsteen has become a cross-generational icon. He’s now more than a musician, he’s one of the great artists of the last century. Over the last decade or so, Springsteen has started to document his life and career in [...]

October 15, 2020


A postcard of a seaside town, the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s debut album Greetings From Asbury Park might look like a tacky memento of a long forgotten summer holiday, but it is reminder of how the New Jersey town impacted the singer-songwriter, [...]

May 4, 2019