Remembering THE PEST Starring John Leguizamo – The Worst Film Ever Made

Movies In Focus seen a lot of bad movies, but the worst I’ve seen is probably Paul Miller’s 1997 atrocity The Pest. It’s only 85 minutes, but it feels twice as long as that.

Riffing on the odd combination of The Most Dangerous Game and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Pest is supposedly a showcase for John Leguizamo’s so-called comedic talents. A vanity project, Leguizamo produces and also has a ‘story’ credit (yeah, right). It turns out that it’s just a showcase for why he shouldn’t be on screen – or even allowed behind the camera in any capacity. Hard to believe he starred in this and the comic book clunker Spawn in the same year.

On the plus-side, it’s likely that few people have seen this cinematic disaster. Budgeted at $17 million, The Pest grossed just $3.6 million at the US box office.


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