If Only The Lambs Were Silent; CLARICE TV Series On The Way


I haven’t commented on Lifetime’s development of Clarice for two reasons. Firstly, I can’t believe that we now have two Silence of the Lambs prequel television series on the way. Secondly, I don’t expect it to be very good.

NBC’s Hannibal will focus on the relationship between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter in the events leading up to Manhunter, while TV Guide reports that Lifetime’s “Clarice would follow the exploits of a young Clarice Starling soon after she graduates from the FBI academy”.

NBC has a 13 episode order for Hannibal, while the Lifetime show is in its early stages. Hopefully it won’t go any further. I can only guess that it will be another procedural show, only aimed at a female-centric audience. Do we really need another one?

The only thing that these shows can do is ruin the goodwill that audiences have for Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter. Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon was a noble attempt at adapting Thomas Harris’ novel, while Ridley Scott’s Hannibal was a terrible endeavour for all involved. The less said about Hannibal Rising the better.

Source: TV Guide