Review: Michael Douglas Takes The Lead In David Fincher’s THE GAME

4 out of 5 stars

The Game is possibly David Fincher’s finest movie (or at least a close second to Zodiac) and it is a pity that it is sandwiched between Se7en and Fight Club. It has become something of a forgotten gem, seen merely as an “in-between” movie for the director, sandwiched between two Brad Pitt vehicles. In fact, The Game grossed more at the box office than Fight Club – $48 million compared to $37 million domestically and $109 million compared to $100 million globally.

Michael Douglas is superb as Nicholas Van Orton, doing what he does best-white middle-aged angst. It’s great to see his character unravel and become more desperate as the film progresses, unsure of what is going on, or who to trust.

The sinister score by Howard Shore adds a level of eeriness to the proceedings and Fincher continues to push Douglas’ Van Orton (and the audience) to the limit through-out the film, ratcheting-up the tension until the climax.

Fincher also manages to throw in some nice visual flourishes, including flashbacks (in aged-film stock), the neon graffiti in Van Orten’s home and the prying –eyed clown, making it much more than a conventional thriller.

If you like Fincher, then you’ll love The Game.