Behind The Scenes: Alfred Hitchcock Directing Sean Connery On The Set Of MARNIE

The mighty Sean Connery fought hard to move away from the role of James Bond throughout the 1960s. He took on a variety of different roles in films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller, Marnie.

Connery delivers a stoic and restrained performance as the millionaire businessman under the direction of Hitchcock. He works well opposite Tippi Hedren, who plays the film’s title role. A complex film, Marnie works more like a drama than a straight thriller as we try and understand the motivations of Hedren’s haunted thief. 

Marnie is notable in that it would be the final time that Hitchcock would work with master composter Bernard Herrmann

On a budget of $3 million, Marnie grossed $7 million at the box office in 1964.