Sean Connery And Christopher Lambert On The Set Of HIGHLANDER

Highlander director Russell Mulcahy has a mastery of tone which sells the fantasy elements of the film and the music video veteran also delivers some highly impressive visuals which are perfectly complimented by Michael Kamen’s score and Queen’s now classic soundtrack.

It might appear that the casting is off the wall, with Frenchman Christopher Lambert playing a Scot, while legendary Scot Sean Connery plays McLeod’s Egyptian-Spanish mentor. None of that matters, as Lambert has never been better and Connery infuses the film with an energy which lifts the film above its B-movie leanings (and he appears to love every minute of it).

Highlander might be a fantasy/action film but it does have a lot of heart. We get to see Lambert’s McLeod grapple with friendship, loss and love as he moves from century to century. As Freddie Mercury asks on the soundtrack: who wants to live forever?

This image shows Connery and Lambert sharing a laugh on the set of the 1986 release. Highlander only grossed $5.9 million at the US office when it was released but it has gone on to become a firm cult-favourite.