The Great TROLLS Test

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic had a devastating impact on the entire world, but it’s also had serious impact on the entertainment industry. Movie release dates have been cancelled and postponed as cinemas around the world shutter to try and ease the spread of the virus. The James Bond film, No Time To Die was the first movie to ditch its April release date and move to later in the year with many more films following suit

Universal Pictures decided a different tactic with Trolls World Tour. The studio was already midway through a pricey marketing campaign and they decided to hold-fast and release the film on-demand instead. The Anna Kendrick/Justin Timberlake voiced animated film is the biggest movie ever to be released straight to streaming and all eyes will be on the studio to see how successful this will ‘test’ will be when the film opens on 6 April 2020. This could be a real game-changer.