john hannah

Notebook Reviews: CIRCUS

Rob Walker – 2000 Circus is a well made British thriller which has all the elements to be a good thriller – except the script. A better storyline was badly needed to make this work. The soundtrack is awful as well – it’s way [...]

July 31, 2021

Notebook Reviews: PANDAEMONIUM

Julien Temple – 2000 Julien Temple‘s Pandaemonium is a visually impressive and very watchable biopic charting the relationship between Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth. The cast impresses and both John Hannah and Linus Roach are [...]

March 3, 2021

Notebook Reviews: THE MUMMY RETURNS

Stephen Sommers – 2001 The Mummy Returns is another enjoyable action-adventure from director Stephen Sommers. It’s not quite as good as its predecessor, but this is a good attempt at recreating the magic of that surprise 1999 hit. The [...]

October 25, 2020