fantasia festival

Review: Kung Fu Comedy THE PAPER TIGERS Is An Absolute Joy

  There’s a serious amount of fun to be had with Tran Quoc Bao’s The Paper Tigers. The writer/director/editor delivers a hugely energetic and entertaining comedy which is a joy to watch from beginning to end. The film transcends its low [...]

September 8, 2021

Trailer & Poster: Cult Comedy KING KNIGHT

King Knight looks like a quirky cult comedy. I’ve watched this trailer and I’m not quite sure what it’s about, but at least I’m curious. Isn’t that what a trailer is supposed to make you – curious? Written and [...]

August 6, 2021


  Movies In Focus caught The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw when it played at the Fantasia Festival in 2020. The horror film from writer-director Thomas Robert Lee is a well acted genre piece which starts slow but it gains momentum as it goes along, [...]

September 11, 2020

Fantasia Festival Review: WOMAN OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS

A film about reflections and perceptions, Takeshi Kushida’s Woman of the Photographs is a film which illustrates how photography and photographs help craft who we are to ourselves and to others. The Japanese film is a slow moving psychological [...]

August 26, 2020