Review: THE BLECH EFFECT Is A Fascinating Documentary About A Fallen Biotech King

4 out of 5 stars

David Greenwald’s documentary The Blech Effect is a fascinating portrait of David Blech, the so-called King Of Biotech. At his peak he was worth $300 million, but when Greenwald catches-up with him, Blech is millions of dollars in debt and on the verge of going to prison for stock manipulation.

Through Greenwald’s documentary we learn that Blech is Bipolar and suffering from a gambling addiction – and that he used the stock exchange to feed his addiction. It’s broken him and impacted his family – his wife is working hard to help educate their 14 year old autistic son and she knows that his life will be seriously affected by the family’s drastic change in circumstances. 

When watching The Blech Effect it’s difficult not to feel sorry for David Blech (or his family). He comes across as a broken man, suffering depression knowing that he’s going to lose everything. His only hope is an ongoing trial for a potential cure for Alzheimer’s Disease – if the trial is a success, then Blech will score tens of millions of dollars, ensuring the financial security of his family. It’s a ticking clock scenario and one which adds an extra dimension to Blech’s struggles. 

A fully engaging documentary, The Blech Effect is well worth your time and it once again illustrates something that we’ve always known – money can’t buy happiness. 






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