Review: Sophie Turner And Dylan McDermott Work Hard But They Can’t Bring Noir JOSIE To Life

2.5 out of 5 stars

A modern day noir, Josie is a film which only registers because of the performances from leads Sophie Turner and Dylan Mc Dermott. Both actors get the opportunity to play with their genre stereotypes, and they deliver good work in-spite of the film’s slight plot and slow pacing. If only Josie had more punch in the scripting department then it might have been something memorable.

Hank (McDermott) is a loner haunted by his past and living in a rundown motel. He works security at a local school and passes his time fishing and looking after his tortoises. However, his simple life is thrown in disarray when Josie (Turner) moves in across the way. She’s a teenage temptress, who pulls Hank into her orbit and disrupts his quiet existence. It’s a noir, so things will not end well. 

There’s a tinge of mystery in Josie, but Eric England’s film doesn’t really gel into anything tangible until the last ten minutes. Sophie Turner delivers up a good performance as the Femme Fatale, showing there’s more to her than Sansa Stark from Game Of Thrones. Dylan McDermott is also good as the broken former prison guard running from life but straight into trouble. Jack Kilmer is solid in a one note role, while Robin Bartlett and Kurt Fuller give some colourful support. You can’t fault the acting here – only the material. Anthony Ragnone II’s script is all set-up and little pay-off and you can’t help feel that it needed someone to come in and offer-up a little plot to go along with the characterisation.

With a bit more bite and depth, Josie could have been a wonderfully punchy noir. Sadly, as it stands, it’s a minor curio that’ll likely only get seen by hardcore Game Of Thrones fans – and even they will end up being disappointed.

Josie released on DVD, VOD and EST on 14 January 2019 by Altitude Film Entertainment.