Blu-ray Review: Andrew Kötting’s THE WHALEBONE BOX Defies Classification

3 out of 5 stars

Andrew Kötting’s The Whalebone Box is a film which defies classification. It’s a documentary, a fantasy, a quest film, a tone poem – and a mind-warping slice of arthouse cinema. 

When a whalebone box is found washed up on the shore, the decision is made to take it back to its place of origin – the Isle of Harris in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

Shot using super 8 film, super 8 apps and using elements of archive and pinhole photography. The Whalebone Box is a visual treat for this who love their films to have a grainy texture. The Whalebone Box is a film where past, present and future collide and Kötting is a true film maverick who is cut from the same cloth as edgy auteurs like David Lynch. 

The film is impossible to describe, The Whalebone Boxisn’t an easy viewing – but it does need to be experienced. 

Special Features

The Whalebone Box comes with a selection of short films which are almost as odd as the movie. Almost.