Arnold Schwarzenegger & Stan Winston’s Genius Practical Effects On The Set Of THE TERMINATOR

Made for just $6.5 million, James Cameron’s The Terminator would go on to gross over $78 million when it was released in 1984. The film made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star and spawned a somewhat patchy franchise.

Cameron’s film is a superb piece of filmmaking, tense and thrilling. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s turn as the unstoppable cyborg killer is perfection, while Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton also impress as Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor.

Cameron’s film still holds-up 35 years because of the wonderful practical effects from the mighty Stan Winston (also pictured). The genius who brought us The Predator and the Alien Queen.

These images show Schwarzenegger prepping the sequence where The Terminator removes its eyeball after a car accident. The detail in that model is excellent and it’s interesting to see Schwarzenegger doing his own hand work. I suppose you can’t fake arms like that.