john wesley shipp


The Flash is a solid entry into the ever growing pantheon of DC Comics titles on television. It’s a well intentioned super-drama with good special effects, but it’s let down by flat visuals which fail to give the show a distinctive visual sheen [...]

September 19, 2016

First Look At THE FLASH In Costume

Movies In Focus had no interest in The Flash series that is being launched by CW. That was until John Wesley Shipp joined the cast. Shipp played the DC Comics hero in a short-lived (but rather brilliant) early ‘90s television series. Grant Gustin [...]

March 1, 2014

DC On TV: THE FLASH And GOTHAM Become Worth Watching

I had no interest in watching the new television version of DC’s The Flash, or the Batman prequel series (not featuring Batman), Gotham. That all changed a few days ago when the casting go pretty cool. First-up, it has been announced that John [...]

February 15, 2014