clean and sober

Michael Keaton’s Best Performances

The mighty Michael Keaton was born Michael John Douglas on born September 5, 1951. The performer had to change his surname to Keaton because there were two other actors registered at the Screen Actors Guild with that name. Throughout his [...]

September 5, 2021

Notebook Reviews: CLEAN AND SOBER

Glenn Gordon Caron – 1988[ usr 4 text=”false”] Moonlighting creator Glenn Gordon Caron and star Michael Keaton go for a serious change of pace with Clean And Sober. This is a fantastic drama that features a brilliant performance [...]

March 16, 2021

The Big Mike! Michael Keaton’s Top 5 Performances

Every Michael Keaton performance is a special one. The actor has seen a career resurgence in recent years thanks to Birdman, Spotlight and The Founder. Throughout his career Keaton has been able to walk the fine line between comedy and drama, [...]

February 16, 2017