Teaser Trailer For Ridley Scott’s TV Tale THE TERROR

Okay, so The Terror is directed by Edward Berger but it’s produced by the ever-busy Ridley Scott and his name is the big selling point here. This ten-part TV series will kick-off with a 2 hour premiere on AMC and it should keep audiences on [...]

December 10, 2017

Trailer For AMC’s THE SON Starring Pierce Brosnan

Movies In Focus is up for anything starring Pierce Brosnan. He’s able to do drama, action and comedy and he picks interesting projects rather than choosing the most obvious choice. I’m curious about his new AMC series The Son. It’s [...]

December 30, 2016

Pierce Brosnan Takes The Lead In New AMC Series THE SON

The mighty Pierce Brosnan is to take his first US television series since Remington Steele with the historical drama, The Son. Here’s the dope from Deadline: Based on the book by Philipp Meyer and written by Meyer, Lee Shipman and Brian [...]

June 6, 2016