Podcast – Episode 8: Oscar Nominated Actor Graham Greene Talks About His Career & The Movie A DARK FOE

Graham Greene is an actor who has an illustrious career. The Canadian performer first broke into the public consciousness with his Academy Award nominated turn in Kevin Costner’s masterpiece, Dances With Wolves. 

He went on to have key roles in such diverse films as Michael Apted’s Thunderheart, John Mc Tiernan’s Die Hard With A Vengeance, Richard Donner’s Maverick and a host of others. 

It was an absolute pleasure to have Graham join the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about his latest role in the gritty serial killer thriller, A Dark Foe. 

A man of wit and charm, Graham Greene also discussed how he won his part in Dances With Wolves, what’s it’s like going to the Oscars and the passing of the late Richard Donner. 

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