Podcast Episode 40: Director Tyler MacIntyre & Writer Michael Kennedy Talk IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE

It’s A Wonderful Knife is an entertaining slasher flick – with a difference. As the title indicates, the film is a riff on Frank Capra’s 1946 Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. Starring Jane Widdop, Joel McHale and Justin Long, the film has heart and laughs wrapped up against the film’s bloody kills. 

A year after saving her small town from a crazed killer, Jane Widdop’s Winnie is down in the dumps by the way things have turned out. When she wishes she’d never been born, she finds herself in an alternate reality – and that’s when she sees how bad life would be without her – and things are made even worse when the killer is still on the loose. 

Tyler MacIntyre, It’s A Wonderful Knife’s director and Michael Kennedy, the film’s writer joined the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about the trials and tribulations of making this quirky Christmas slasher.

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IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE will be released On Shudder on AMC+ and Everywhere You Rent Movies on December 1st, 2023