Podcast – Episode 30: Director Yoko Okumura Talks About Her Comedy-Thriller UNSEEN

Japanese-American director Yoko Okumura makes a punchy feature film debut with Unseen, a new genre-bending comedy-thriller from Blumhouse Productions.

Running a tight eighty minutes, Unseen stars Midori Francis as Emily, a woman escaping from a boyfriend who wants to kill her. Lost in the woods, and without her prescription glasses, she relies on the help of Jolene Purdy’s put-upon cashier, Sam to guide her to freedom by video call. 

Funny when it needs to be and brutal when you least expect it, Unseen is an assured debut from Okumura. At the centre of the film is the great chemistry between Midori Francis and Jolene Purdy – no mean feat when they don’t even share the screen!

Yoko Okumura joins the Movies In Focus podcast to talk about Unseen, the complexities of making a film where the leads are in different locations. as well as what it’s like working for the biggest horror producer in Hollywood.

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