Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide In John Carpenter’s THE THING

If tension is your thing, then John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 B-movie The Thing From Another World will fit the bill. The Thing’s paranoia-fuelled sci-fi/horror is exceptional in every way and the snowy landscape creates a wonderful sense of isolation.

Carpenter is a self confessed fan of Howard Hawks, and this 1982 remake of Hawks’ classic The Thing From Another World is a fantastic homage to the great director. Starring Kurt Russell, the film is a claustrophobic tale of terror, set in the desolate wastelands of the Arctic. When a research team uncover a buried spaceship in the ice, they discover that the alien has shape shifting capabilities and soon no-one can be trusted.

A perfectly formed Sci-Fi thriller which is as much an allegory for AIDS as the original was for communism, The Thing showed that Carpenter was a director with depth and skill.