Hunt Down Liam Neeson In Joe Carnahan’s THE GREY


I didn’t catch The Grey when it first was first released. It came out smack-dab in the middle of Liam Neeson’s ageing action man run (which is still continuing) and I felt that it might be similar in quality to Neeson’s Taken and Unknown (i.e. not good).

It didn’t help that The Grey was also helmed by Joe Carnahan, a director who started out with promise (Narc), had a bit of a stumble (Smokin’ Aces) and then he totally screwed the pooch with The A-Team (also with Neeson).

However, The Grey is a great movie – it’s tense, thrilling and also oddly poetic. Neeson gives one heck of a performance here, building on the real-life loss of his wife (not in a crude way), while Carnahan atones for his A-Team sins.

The Grey shows that movie-making with balls still has a place in Hollywood. Seek out The Grey.