George Miller Directing The Sequel To MAN OF STEEL; Where Does This Leave MAD MAX?


Scuttlebutt has it that George Miller will be dipping his toe into the DC Universe to direct Man Of Steel 2. The news was dropped by filmmaker Jon Schnepp, the man behind The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, on the podcast PopCorn. He didn’t divulge any other details but it makes sense that Warner Bros. would be looking for another director as Zack Snyder simply won’t have the time (he’s currently prepping Justice League’s 1 and 2).

Miller, who is hot of the success of the wonderful Mad Max: Fury Road (read the Movies In Focus review) was once set to shoot a Justice League movie for Warner Bros. back in 2007. However, the pug was pulled at the last minute when the a writer’s strike and funding issues crippled the movie just before it was set to shoot.

This makes for tantalising news – but where does it leave a potential sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road? Miller isn’t getting any younger (he’s 70 years old) and it’ll take a few years for the Man of Steel sequel to get off the ground, so it’s likley that Fury Road might be the last time the director guides Mad Max through the desolate post apocalyptic wastelands.

Keep reading Movies In Focus to see how this shakes-out.

Source: Comic Book