First STAR WARS VII Cast Photo – What It Means To Movies In Focus

15 years ago Star Wars fans were on the cusp of The Phantom Menace and all the untold excitement that it could hold. It was a time of great movie-fuelled frenzy. I was a young man of 18, excited at the prospect of a new trilogy of Star Wars movies. However, I always knew they would never have the same appeal of George Lucas’ original trilogy.


I’ve always believed that what made the first Star Wars movies special was the chemistry between Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. They made Star Wars for me – it wasn’t the Jedi Knights, droids or Stormtroopers (although they certainly helped).

Now in 2014 we see the first photograph of that original cast back for a new set of Star Wars adventures (kicking-off with Episode VII). I’m now pushing 34, older but little wiser. This thrills me and fills me with excitement and an aching melancholy. Many years have passed, events unfolded and good friends have come and gone – and here we have Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia back, preparing to fight the evil Empire once more.

I feel old and young at once.