Knee-Jerk Reaction: The Fall-Out From The Mel Gibson – Joe Eszterhas Battle


Rabbi Marvin Hier has come out and said that Mel Gibson shouldn’t be making a film about Judah Maccabee – ever. This comes after Joe Eszterhas tried to ruin the star by releasing tapes of the passionate actor.

It’s great to see that some people have a copyright on history.

Deadline quotes a statement that Hier sent to Warner Bros:

“In view of the outrageous anti-Semitic and bigoted statements recounted in Joe Eszterhas’ letter to Mel Gibson, the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls upon Warner Brothers (or any other studio) to permanently shelve the Maccabee project as long as Mel Gibson is associated with the film. “It would be an insult to Jews and a desecration to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust to go forward with the Maccabee project.”

So, Heir is taking Eszterhas’ word in an unsubstantiated letter, stating that a Maccabee movie should be shelved “permanently.”

Knee-jerk reaction. With less emphasis on ‘knee’.

Source: Deadline