axelle carolyn

Uncovering Curiosities: Axelle Carolyn’s SOULMATE

Nobody really makes old fashioned haunted house films about ghosts anymore. It’s something of a lost art. We have our fair share of found footage movies and gore filled sequels, but the basic concept of a haunted house without some sort of gimmick [...]

September 5, 2020

Interview: Ruben Pla Discusses THE HORROR CROWD

Actor-turned-director, Ruben Pla’s The Horror Crowd is a hugely entertaining and (strangely) emotional documentary which takes a look at the filmmakers behind film’s darkest genre.  As an actor, Pla has starred in such genre films [...]

August 28, 2020


The horror film genre is filled with a variety of different off-shoots, but probably the most important of these is the old-fashioned Ghost Story. It’s an aspect of horror which can be adapted and morphed into whatever type of narrative a [...]

October 1, 2018