THE X-FILES Returns…Again

Following on from the huge success of 2016’s 6-part revival, The X-Files will return for a new 10-part ‘event series’. The episodes will shoot this summer for a 2017/2018 air date – the last batch of eps hit screens in January, so hedge your bets that you’ll see these in early 2018.

An X-Files fan since the 1990s, I enjoyed the revival, even if it didn’t quite capture the greatness of the show in its prime. The last season was a little too short for the series to breathe, but I think that 10 shows might just be the sweet spot to balance the show’s mythology with standalone episodes.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will return and Chris Carter will once again oversee proceedings.

Oh, and here’s a new teaser poster…

source: Deadline