William Friedkin To Direct An Adaptation Of Don Winslow’s THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE


The world needs more William Friedkin movies – and the good news is that it looks like we’re getting another one. Friedkin has just signed-on to direct a screen adaptation of Don Winslow’s novel The Winter Of Frankie Machine.

The book sees a former hitman pulled back into the game when someone tries to kill him – which sounds like a great set-up for a crime movie from the man who gave us The French Connection. Martin Scorsese and Michael Mann have tried and failed to bring the novel to the screen (the former with Robert DeNiro attached) and it looks like Friedkin will be ditching previous drafts of the scripts and starting from scratch, with Winslow having a part in the scripting duties.

Friedkin will The Winter Of Frankie Machine down the independent route and make the film for around $15 million – which means he wont have to make any studio compromises. That’s how he was able to deliver the hard-edged and powerful Matthew McConaughey thriller Killer Joe.

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