Is Will Smith The GEMINI MAN?

Gemini Man is one of the most tantalising film projects never made. It’s about a past his prime hitman on the run from a cloned version of his younger self. The project has been kicking about Hollywood for the last 20 years, but it has now been given a new lease of life with Ang Lee signing to direct, with Will Smith in negotiations to star.

The main selling point has always been how they would use a digitally de-aged version of an A-lsit actor in the film – which is something that also saw it stalling in development (the technology just wasn’t there). Names previously in the frame for the lead have been Mel Gibson vs Mad Max-era Gibson, Harrison Ford vs Han Solo-age Ford and (if memory serves me well) Sean Connery facing-off against James Bond-prime Connery. That sounds exciting. However, I don’t think Will Smith looks that much older than he did in Bad Boys in 1995 (see above and below) and therefore the contrast of seeing this action on screen just isn’t that thrilling.

I’ve been excited about this since I first heard about to back in the day, but this Smith incarnation is boring to me. I feel we might have gotten our fix for this concept in Looper where Joseph Gordon-Levitt fought Bruce Willis. However, Gemini Man is being produced by master producer Jerry Bruckheimer, so I have some hope.

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Source: THR