Why Mel Gibson Is Still A FORCE OF NATURE

The mighty Mel Gibson‘s latest release, Force Of Nature (read the Movies In Focus review) proves he’s still a movie star to be reckoned with and that he can still command the screen like few actors.

Gibson might have supporting part in the film, but both the marketing and the actual film revolve around his charisma. He chews the scenery, growling his way through the dialogue as he coughs and splutters through the action. Gibson could do this type of role his sleep, but you can’t not get excited when he goes eye-rolling crazy and starts taking out the bad guys whilst cracking wise.

Gibson also delivered another great performance in Craig S. Zahler’s gritty 2018 cop drama Dragged Across Concrete. That film gives Gibson moments which offer different shades to his character – be that when he’s talking with his wife (Laurie Holden) or being reprimanded by his boss (a great turn from Don Johnson). The cop he plays in Zahler’s movie is a man who has been made tough by the dangerous world he inhibits. It’s one of the best and most fearless turns of Gibson’s career. 

2016’s academy Award nominated Hacksaw Ridge also showed that Gibson is still a director to be reckoned with. His eye for action is second to none and he created some of the most impressive battle sequences ever filmed for that WWII drama. The sheer scope of what’s on display is a stunning technical marvel – and it’s easy to see why Gibson was lauded by his peers in the film industry for his work. 

Word on the street is that Gibson’s next directorial debut will be a remake of The Wild Bunch starring Jason Momoa, Peter Dinklage and Michael Fassbender. 

Next up for Mel Gibson as an actor is Joe Carnahan’s action thriller Boss Level, set for release later this year. He also plays Santa Claus in the forthcoming action-comedy Fatman, while Leo From Toledo (also with Carnahan) and Waldo are also on the horizon. There’s also the small matter of Lethal Weapon 5 with the great Richard Donner

All this proves that Mel Gibson is still a Force Of Nature