Who Will Wear The Cowl In Zack Snyder’s BATMAN/SUPERMAN Movie?


The news of a Batman and Superman movie sent ripples of excitement across the comic book/movie world. Henry Cavill is a lock for Clark Kent/Superman – but who will play Batman/Bruce Wayne?

Warner Bros. would love to get Christian Bale back in the cowl (I wouldn’t rule that out), but it looks like Zack Snyder is preparing to go in another direction. One thing is for sure, it looks like the new Batman will be in his late thirties or forties.

The hot favourites are:

Josh Brolin – a good call.
Ryan Gosling – a good actor, but he’s not Batman.
Richard Armitage – a bit too lean and angular.
Joe Manganiello – I’ve never seen True Blood, but he has the right look and was a runner-up for Superman in Man Of Steel.
Matthew Good – too feminine, a terrible choice.
Max Martini – he looks a bit too rough.
Gerard Butler – decent casting, but too Scottish?

Other choices:

Jon Hamm and Jim Caviziel are also apparently under consideration, but their commitments to Mad Men and Person Of Interest would likely rule them out. A shame because they’d be my top picks. I mean, Jon Hamm is Batman.

However, I think Mel Gibson would be a great choice. He has the inner rage and the right physicality for Batman – plus, he’s tight with Warner Bros.