Where’s The Originality? Trailer For Game Of Thrones Spin-Off HOUSE OF THE DRAGON

Movies In Focus was a huge fan of Game Of Thrones. The final seasons weren’t perfect, but what are you going to do – create an online petition to have them reshot? The show was expertly made, well crafted and it brought people into the realm of fantasy who would never normally dabble there (like this humble writer). 

I’m therefore disappointed to say that this trailer for the Game Of Thrones spin-off, House of The Dragon looks incredibly dull. It looks no different that it’s predecessor – only lacking the freshness and ingenuity which made it ground breaking. More dragons! More Iron Throne! More political intrigue! More CGI vistas!

Been there, done that and bought the ‘I drink and I know things’ T-shirt.

Maybe I’m wrong and maybe it’ll be great. We’ll find out soon enough when House Of The Dragon hits HBO Max on 14 August, 2022.