What Retirement? Steven Soderbergh Returns To The Big Screen For Channing Tatum’s LOGAN LUCKY


When all is said and done, Steven Soderbergh will stand as one of the great Hollywood directors. He ‘retired’ from feature film directing in 2013 – but recent reports suggest that his retirement was short-lived. Apparently, Soderbergh has been tempted back to features by Channing Tatum and a script called Logan Lucky. Nothing is known about the project, but Soderbergh apparently flipped for the material and was presumably highly influenced by his Magic Mike, Haywire and Side Effects star.

Soderbergh’s so-called retirement has seen him direct Behind the Candelabra for HBO (released in the UK on the big screen) and helm episodes of The Knick, while he also served cinematographer on Magic Mike 2. He’s hardly been resting on his laurels – and his move away from movies had more to do with the culture change to how Hollywood finances and releases its ‘product’ that his work ethic.

A Soderbergh comeback is exciting news – and you can keep reading Movies In Focus to find out more on Logan Lucky!

Source: Variety