Weekend Box Office Lowdown: 27th May 2013


Fast & Furious 6 exploded in its debut, grossing a Diesel-fuelled $98 million during its first three days at the US box office. That’s up on the $86 million that Fast Five grossed on its debut back in 2011. That film topped out at $209 million – a number that this sixth film in the franchise has a chance of matching. The last Vin Diesel/Paul Walker/Dwayne Johnson actioner banked $626 million globally, again this number has a shot at being beaten, as this new instalment has already banked over $275 million. Roll on Fast 7.

The Hangover Part III has grossed $54 million since its launch last Wednesday. It’s currently trailing its predecessor by around $50 million, so it won’t match that film’s $250 million domestic take and it won’t even get close to The Hangover’s $295 million cume. It should eek to over $100 million, but it looks like audiences no longer love The Wolf Pack.

Star Trek Into Darkness engaged with another $38 million, giving the J.J Abram’s sci-fi film a strong $146 million. It has a decent shot at hitting $200 million domestically. The sequel to the reboot of the classic television series has now grossed $107 million in international territories, meaning that it should surpass the $127 foreign take of 2009’s Star Trek shortly.

Animated film, Epic banked $34 million, while Iron Man 3 grossed another $19 million. That gives the Marvel movie a great $367 million at the US box office and over $1.1 billion globally.

The Great Gatsby partied away with $13.7 million, for a $114 million total. That gives the Leonardo DiCaprio starring adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel a worldwide cume of over $200 million.

Well reviewed Matthew McConaughey drama, Mud grossed an additional $1.9 million over the weekend. That gives the indie movie a great $14.5 million total – and it’s only playing on 712 screens.

Harrison Ford baseball film, 42, grossed another $1.24 million for a $91 million total haul, while Nicolas Cage voiced ‘toon, The Croods took $1.21 million, for $179 cumulative gross.

Tom Cruise starrer, Oblivion rounded out the top ten, grossing a little over $800,000. The science fiction epic has now grossed $87 million, which has helped its global total reach $266 million.

Source: Box Office Mojo