Watch This Trailer And Tell Me If You Find The POINT BREAK Remake Fast And Furious


Without Point Break we wouldn’t have The Fast And The Furious franchise – Warner Bros knows that and it now wants a piece of that multi-billion dollar pie. They’re remaking the 1991 Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves thriller, upping the scope and making it faster and more furious.

This seems to have little in common with the original Kathryn Bigelow movie and the focus is now on extreme sports rather than surfing – but will action fans turn out in the numbers that have been seeing the Universal Pictures’ Vin Diesel powered action sequels?

Watch the below trailer and behind the scenes featurette for director Ericson Core (what a great name)’s movie and tell me.


Point Break Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramírez, Ray Winstone, Teresa Palmer and the always great Delroy Lindo opens in January 2016.