Warren Beatty On HOWARD HUGHES Movie: No Wine Before Its Time

Warren Beatty was celebrating the Beverly Hills Hotel’s 100th anniversary, when he was asked by the Hollywood Reporter about his Howard Hughes movie. Beatty is quoted as saying, simply “No wine before its time”.


Ishtar star Beatty is notoriously famous for taking his time with projects – he hasn’t been on screen since 2001’s much maligned Town & Country – but this Hughes film has been gestating for nearly thirty years.

Reading between the lines, it would seem that Beatty wishes to exert a lot of control over the movie, something which Paramount Pictures and Morgan Creek Productions seemed to have disliked, as they both left the project last year (along with casting director Debra Zane).

The budget for the film currently stands at $47 million, but the suits wanted it brought down to a more manageable $42 million, pittance when you consider the cost of most Hollywood movies today. However, Beatty seems unwilling (or unable to hit the magic number).

New Regency and Steve Bing will be funding 55% of the movie -if it ever gets made. At 74 years old, Beatty isn’t getting any younger, and it’s a shame that Hollywood won’t help out the old-guard. Let’s hope that someone decides to throw their hat into the ring and make a good movie (or the germ of a good movie) for once. You can only have some many superhero movies.

Source: THR