Warner Bros. Moves GRAVITY To 2013


Warner Bros. has decided to move Gravity, the 3D space thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney from its November 21st release slot to some unknown time in 2013. The reason…

…apparently Warner Bros’ packed schedule in the latter part of the year-the studio is also releasing Ben Affleck’s Argo, The Gangster Squad, The Hobbit and The Great Gatsby. It’s odd that Gravity should be the one that’s moved, looking at that bunch I’d probably have pulled Argo or The Gangster Squad-then again, what do I know?

Another reason for Gravity’s release date change has something to do with IMAX screens. Alfonso Cuaron’s film is supposed to be a 3D visual treat and the studio wanted to score some IMAX venues, venues already booked by The Hobbit and the James Bond adventure Skyfall.

The word on the street is that Bullock should be an Oscar contender for Gravity-does that mean that it’ll be delayed for a whole year