Want Yet Another Straight-To-DVD/VOD Bruce Willis Thriller? Check Out The Trailer For SURVIVE THE NIGHT

The once mighty Bruce Willis continues to churn out straight-to-DVD/VOD thrillers at a pretty steady pace. Survive The Night is the actor’s 12 such feature since 2014 – and he’s got four more on the way! These movies are usually shot fast and cheap with a script which always feel like unfinished first drafts. They’re a nice little earner for Willis as he usually scores $1million for a day’s work. 

Home invasion thriller Survive The Night looks like another of these, where Willis shoots for a couple of days in one location and lets everyone else do the heavy lifting. This time around Chad Michael Murray is the nominal star of this Matt Eskandari’s directed film, which drops on 22 May 2020.

Oh Bruce, oh Bruce, why hast thou forsaken us?

The trailer: