Vanity Is Fair For Paramount Pictures


The latest issue of Vanity Fair has a fantastic image celebrating Paramount Pictures 100th anniversary.

The images below get bigger if you click on them, but Vanity Fair has a pretty nifty zoom option so that you can get up-close and personal with the folks in the picture.



I wonder how they chose the positions for photograph (or by the looks of it two photographs and heck of a lot of photoshopping)? What is Simon Pegg doing beside Robert DeNiro? What do Kevin Costner and William Shatner have in common and just how many Star Trek stars can you fit into one picture?


However, more importantly: who invited people like Dana Carvey, Jamie Bell, Anna Kendrick and the Fanning sisters? Did more important people like Michael Douglas, Michael Bay, Jim Carrey and Warren Beatty drop out at the last minute?

Source: Vanity Fair/Deadline